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The site is made up of a countrywide portal plus seventeen regional pages covering all the vineyard areas: Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Bugey-Savoies, the Centre, Champagne, Charentes-Cognac, Corsica, Ile-de-France, Jura, Languedoc-Roussillon, Lorraine, Provence, Southwest, Loire Valley and Rhône Valley.

This site brings together all resources for French wine tourism in four sections.

The Magazine section offers articles on wine tourism attractions and places of interest. For example, Rabelais’ vineyards, Provence’s wine bars, the Chambéry valley, the ‘Vigneroscope’ in Loché...
Our magazine also includes interviews and a variety of short news and novelty items on vineyards and wines.

A Travel Notes section exclusively for you. We’ll post travel notes and photos brought back from your trip to the vineyards of France.

The What's On section offers a full diary as well as zooming in on certain events. So it covers all wine tourism news; wine shows, auctions, competitions, vineyard walks and picnics, exhibitions and concerts, grape picking, winery open days...

The Local service providers and information section lets you plan your tour and stay. It actually lists all services in each wine region: vineyard activities / wine tour operators / wine bars / wine merchants / wine clubs / wine brotherhoods / wine tastings and courses / estates and wineries / accommodation and where to stay / ‘Maison des vins’ (wine tasting shop run by producers’ associations) / museums / restaurants / trade bodies / places of interest / coopers / miscellaneous.

So you’re bound to find all the information you need on wine tourism on one unique website.

There’s also a Help section to guide you: subscribe to our newsletter, read our tips for wine travel, find out more from useful books, maps and guides.

Countrywide, just like each of the 17 wine regions, the site lets you:

Look at what’s on

Access our directory database,

Read the magazine,

Search for the right people, service providers and resources that interest you

As you delve deeper, e.g. in the Alsace region, the pages you look at will say ‘You’re in Alsace’ at the top.

Site access
The site is free including our editorial library. It’s targeting wine tourists of all nationalities. It’s in French, English and soon Chinese.

At a time when French wine tourism ventures are being developed, it was about time there was an internet portal for wine-themed travel in France.
This site aims to add value to these wine tourism initiatives, which are becoming essential in a global context. So it’s also the site’s remit to be part of making the wine sector more dynamic.

This site is financed by advertisers.

The services and resources and magazine sections are constantly updated.
Articles coming soon are publicized on relevant pages of the site. Previous articles are available in the archives.


The selection of service providers, resources, what’s on etc aims to be as broad as possible. However, it’s not exhaustive. Each section gives you options.
The breakdown of some services under one heading or another is sometimes difficult due to the variety of resources available. E.g. a wine estate who offers ‘chambres d'hôtes’ (guestrooms), runs a restaurant, has set up a museum and ventured into wine tasting courses. Each entry is allocated to the section that in principle corresponds to its main activity.

Content for ‘Local service providers and information’

Vineyard activities
Meaning educational routes, growers’ trails, walking trips or by horse and cart or boat....

Wine tour operators
They can be entirely or partly dedicated to wine tourism.

Wine Bars
As Anthony Cothenet once wrote, at his ‘Angel’s Glass’ bar in Reims, “Welcome to a bistro! It’s like a restaurant only winier. Wine is the star here!”
Wine bars are sometimes also wine shops. They can offer substantial snacks, local food, cheese and cold meat platters, sometimes authentic regional produce.
Another quote: “I prefer my son learning to talk in taverns rather than at elocution school.” Montaigne (Essays, Book III)

Wine merchants
As in the other sections, we’ve included shops with open and accessible staff, willing to share their knowledge and love of wine.

Meaning a concise list of wine appreciation clubs, which rarely have a ‘cog in the wheel,’ being part of a teaching establishment, company or informal private group.

Wine brotherhoods
Lots of them, they’re famous for upholding the tradition of good living and leaders in local or regional life.

Wine tastings and courses
We’ve included wine trade education (beginners and advanced) but particularly those organisations, academic institutions and companies, who welcome wine lovers keen to get started, broaden or perfect their knowledge.

Wine estates and cellars
Meaning wine estates and cellars of particular interest for the wine tourist; for their architecture, history, gardens, site conservation and organised activities... This section will get fuller over time with developments and must-sees.

Where to stay
We’ve prioritized accommodation offered by growers, producers, properties. The idea is for the traveller to meet people during their stay, who at heart want to share their way of life and pride in and love of their work.

Maisons des vins’ or wine tasting shops
Run by tourist offices or people in the wine business, they’re an indispensable guide to discovering appellation areas, especially in regions such as Bordeaux or the Southwest.

We’ve tried to include everything, listing large museums yet also more hush-hush collections.

Again we’ve given priority to the opportunity of meeting people who love wine. See our charter.

Trade bodies and groups
Under this heading, we’ll bring together all examples of wine trade federations on a regional level, appellation area or other geographical grouping.

This category pulls together those projects that go beyond the usual listings agenda. With more and more of them appearing, they’re new, sometimes innovative with the technology used and the way they’re increasingly interactive with their target audience.

Their role in winemaking is fundamental, which explains why properties that have the means to buy barrels are keen to have their own coopery.

As the name suggests... This quite limited category brings together, despite all our efforts, everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

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